Monday, January 22, 2007

One life. Sieze it.

va-va voom says:
still up so late?

Fern: living branch, live. says:

va-va voom says:
no class tmr?

Fern: living branch, live. says:
class starts pretty late, shld have sufficient buffer hours..:)

va-va voom says:

r u goin for ur masters?
Fern: living branch, live. says:
To muster courage for work, is far more duanting than the pursue of masters.

The Initiator

Awake and rise, I receive eternal hope
God's goodness bestowed, I'm fully clothed
A path less travelled, an echo of eternity
Will I walk in assurance to the goal I see?

~ Isaiah 65:17-25 ~ A Reflection ~

Monday, January 01, 2007

A Quack to you, Ms Judy :)

Arh, you are that mysterious girl,
starts with a 'Quek' not a purrhh.
Your name, I've forgotten momentarily;
Embarrassed I am, my utmost apologies.